Redbox Brings FlickWish Showdown to New England Teens

L-R: The FlickWish Family – Bill, Tara, and Brandon Harris

LUNENBURG, MA – With the 2019 box office being dominated by such hits as AVENGERS: ENDGAME and CAPTAIN MARVEL and with STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER on the horizon, Redbox and FlickWish Studios are preparing to channel that movie love into a new movie trivia tournament that will become an annual tradition for middle/high school students across New England.

On July 17, FlickWish, led by a sponsorship group that includes Redbox, Great Wolf Lodge, The Lowell Spinners, North End Subaru of Lunenburg, MA, and O’Neil Cinemas of Littleton, MA, will debut The FlickWish Showdown where students from The Boys & Girls Club of Lunenburg, MA and The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell, MA will put their movie memory to the test in an eight-team tournament as they battle for movie fandom supremacy and The FlickWish Championship on August 5 at O’Neil Cinemas in Littleton, MA from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

With guests that include Gordon Edes, the executive historian for the Boston Red Sox, The FlickWish Showdown will be showcased on FlickWish’s own podcast FLICKWISH RISING via Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud as well as across YouTube and Facebook.

Featuring movie trivia that will range from HARRY POTTER and the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE to PIXAR and STAR WARS, FlickWish invites movie-loving families from all walks of life to join The FlickWish Championship at O’Neil Cinemas and cheer for the final two teams; with one reigning supreme as they raise The 2019 FlickWish Championship trophy.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lunenburg and Lowell support The FlickWish Showdown.” says Bill Harris, FlickWish’s managing producer of FLICKWISH RISING, who he co-hosts with his son Brandon. “By having such phenomenal brands sponsor this tournament really lays a foundation that will help The FlickWish Showdown go to the next level in 2020.”

What is the Next Level in 2020?

“We’ve begun expanding The FlickWish Showdown to welcome New England middle/high schools,” says Harris “and I can’t wait to share our 2020 tournament bracket this Fall.”

FlickWish Studios hosts FLICKWISH RISING, a movie news podcast that honors YOU, THE MOVIE FAN. Join us as we cover the latest box office news with movie fans like you while testing your movie memory courtesy of our movie trivia tournament known as The FlickWish Showdown.