September 28-30 Box Office Contest Finalists

Night School

Who says you can never go back to school.

Thanks to a winning combo of Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart combined with a great premise that’s totally relatable, NIGHT SCHOOL made it to the top of the class with an ivy league haul of $27.2 million.

Congratulations to our finalists from down South and some great movie fans we met at our FlickWish Rising booth at Cinema World.

1. Marisol Santiago Fitchburg, MA NIGHT SCHOOL
2. Nicole Green Ashby, MA NIGHT SCHOOL
3. Kylie Cormier Lunenburg, MA NIGHT SCHOOL
4. Tyne Caouette Spring Grove, AL NIGHT SCHOOL

The winner from this box office weekend will be announced during our February 28, 2019 episode of FLICKWISH RISING.