Cinema World and FlickWish Studios Introduce Movie Trivia Tournament for Middle High Schools

L-R: The FlickWish Family – Bill, Tara, and Brandon Harris

LUNENBURG, MA – As the New England Patriots wrap up another memorable season with a sixth Super Bowl title, Cinema World in Fitchburg and Lunenburg’s own FlickWish Studios are kicking off a tournament that will put the movie memory of students from grades 6 to 12 to the test.

On Saturday, February 16, FWS’ flagship podcast FLICKWISH RISING, a movie news podcast that honors YOU, THE MOVIE FAN, will be recording a LIVE segment at The Boys & Girls Club of Lunenburg from 12:30pm to 2:30pm, called The FlickWish Showdown, a movie trivia game show, in the spirit of Family Feud, where two teams of movie fans from grades 6 to 12 will step into the ring and go toe-to-toe in a battle for movie fandom supremacy.

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And...Action! FlickWish Podcast Gives Movie Fans Starring Role

FlickWish Rising Sentinel & Enterprise Story

LUNENBURG – Bill Harris was aiming to make it in the movie industry and ended up in the podcast business.

To share his passion for movies, he created FlickWish Rising, a podcast where he invites fellow cinema fans onto the show to talk about their experiences at the theater, their favorites, or industry happenings.

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