April 5-7 Box Office Contest Finalists


Damn…now that was a fun weekend. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, SHAZAM! tapped your inner child in a big bad way.

Not only did it honor every kid who has ever dreamed of being a superhero, it gained some big respect during the April 5-7 box office weekend with a $56.8 million haul.

Congratulations to Warner Bros. and DC for continuing to right their superhero ship and congratulations to the following finalists for their lightning strike of a pick.

1. Chance Pates North Kingstown, RI SHAZAM!
2. Pam Porter Lunenburg, MA SHAZAM!
3. Milagros Whitfield Fitchburg, MA SHAZAM!

The winner from this box office weekend will be announced during our April 28, 2019 episode of FLICKWISH RISING.