July 20-22 Box Office Contest Finalists

The Equalizer 2

Wow...what a nail-biter of a weekend! Talk about a photo finish between two flicks that couldn't be more opposite, yet truly represent how diverse the movie-going audience has become.

The suits in Hollywood better continue to take notice because the movement is real and it's awesome to see.

With just a $1.1 million edge over MAMMA MIA! HERE WE GO AGAIN, $36 million in box office dollars rained down on THE EQUALIZER 2 giving the Denzel Washington sequel the crown for its opening weekend.

With our A-List Celebration plans in full swing, we wish this week's finalists all the best as we have an A-List seat just waiting with your name on it.

1. Erica Boscio Garfield, NJ THE EQUALIZER 2
2. Kelly Brown Bradley, ME THE EQUALIZER 2

The winner from this box office weekend will be announced during our August 6 episode of FLICKWISH RISING.