October 12-14 Box Office Contest Finalists


With a $35 million second-weekend take, it looks like Hollywood’s favorite symbiote was dead-on with “They way I see it…WE can do whatever WE want.”

The folks at Sony and Marvel defied the critical hammer with great casting in Tom Hardy and combined that with over 20 years of comic book fan love to help VENOM not only take the October 12-14 box office weekend but break October records in the process.

Congratulations to our finalists for delivering the goods with a great pick.

1. Jeanne Murawski Templeton, MA VENOM
2. Andrew Pare Ashby, MA VENOM
3. Joanne Moroney Fitchburg, MA VENOM
4. Isabella Jacobs Fitchburg, MA VENOM

The winner from this box office weekend will be announced during our February 28, 2019 episode of FLICKWISH RISING.