Founded in 2015 by Bill Harris, a long-time movie buff and New England native, FLICKWISH RISING is a movie news podcast that honors YOU, THE MOVIE FAN.

With the phenomenal help of his son Brandon, join Bill as he covers the latest box office news with movie fans from across the country while getting your hot take on the world of Hollywood.

Bill and Brandon at Fenway Park

Check out Bill and Brandon as they dive into a galaxy far, far away:

FLICKWISH RISING has also become the promotional platform for FlickWish, a new mobile-based production company focused on feature-length films that we hope to launch within the next year.

It is FlickWish's mission to give the traditional movie-making power of a Hollywood studio executive to you, the movie fan, via an exciting new mobile experience.

You choose the script. You choose the director. You choose the star.

You are the next movie mogul.